Class Schedule

Learn from experts in your class of interest. Classes are à la carte and open to the public There are remote, in-person, and hybrid options available year-round. Most classes are ~3hrs but some in-person ones can be longer. See the Class Catalog for more detail on each class. The certification program also provides class passes. You can view the class schedule in list view (below), or calendar view.

Course Number Class Type Title Date Location Type
AL10 Core Class All About Varroa Jun 01, 2024 Remote Register
HBAL05 Core Class Creating Gardens and Homes for Pollinators Jun 09, 2024 Remote Register
AL06 Core Class Pesticides, CCD, Research and Hope Jun 15, 2024 Remote Register
AL04 Core Class Pest and Disease ID Jun 21, 2024 Hybrid Register
JL01 Core Class Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the Honey Bee Jun 22, 2024 Hybrid Register
JL02 Core Class Queen Rearing Basics Jun 29, 2024 Remote Register