Class Catalog

Learn from experts in your class of interest. Both members and non-members can sign-up for classes. There are remote, in-person, and hybrid options available year-round. Most classes are ~3hrs but some in-person ones can be longer. View the requisite chart to plan your class progression. To register view the Class Schedule. Come learn with us!
CRN Class Title Description Hrs Certification Levels Available Location Types
HBAL01 Exploring Beekeeping The most introductory class on beekeeping. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote
HBAL02 Introduction to Beekeeping Explore the history of beekeeping and the basics of beekeeping today. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote
HBAL03 The Honey Bee Colony Examine honey bee colony activities and behaviors, the reproductive cycle, and communication & orientation systems. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote
HBAL04 Pollinator and Plants: What I Need to Know Explore the relationship between plants and pollinators and learn how we can support our pollinators in our own yards and communities. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote, In-Person
HBAL05 Creating Gardens and Homes for Pollinators Learn how to select and plant the right plants to support pollinators in your garden or community. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote, In-Person
HBAL06 Planning Year Round Native Plant Pollinator Gardens Learn how to select plants for year-round support of pollinators in your garden or community. 3 Honey Bee Ambassador Remote, In-Person
AL01 Planning Ahead for Your First Hives Participants will have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of what is necessary to get a colony started and keep it healthy and thriving. 3 (remote), 6.5 (in-person) Honey Bee Ambassador, Apprentice Remote, In-Person, Hybrid
AL02 Working Your Colonies This class is for novice beekeepers who already have a colony and/or have taken a beginner beekeeping class, and want to develop their beekeeping skills further. 3 Apprentice In-Person OR Remote OR Hybrid
AL03 Honey Bee Health Learn how to identify threats to honey bee health and treat with integrated pest management (IPM). 3 Apprentice Remote
AL04 Pest and Disease ID How to ID and mitigate for pests and diseases. Includes discussion of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to guide proactive treatment plans. 3 (remote), 6.5 (in-person) Apprentice Remote, In-Person, Hybrid