Satellite Partners

The Satellite partner affiliation is for organizations, not for individuals. Join our network of beekeeping organizations committed to honest, safe, science-based beekeeping practices.

Being a Partner Demonstrates

  • Honest business practices
  • Science-based practices
  • Sustainable practices
  • Safety

Partnering Benefits

  • Credibility. Our standards are employed by CA state government. Your certification gives you the right to display our certification emblem (no license fee).
  • Beekeeping Expertise. Our in-house army of researchers and instructors can provide cutting-edge knowledge and advice on beekeeping matters.
  • Networking. We can connect you to resources to make your organization thrive. Our reach ranges across the state. We have connections with all types of beekeeping-related entities: beekeeping suppliers, academic institutions, beekeeping clubs, researchers, beekeeping instructors. You'll also gain direct access to our diverse and growing membership.
  • Marketing & Promotion. We support satellites through customer referrals, our socials, and by leveraging our relationships with state beekeeping stakeholders.
  • Course Development & Administration. We have beekeeping course and lecture templates. Your offerings can be listed on our website.

Partnering Requirements

  • Be a beekeeping-related organization based in California. Do not need to be incorporated.
  • Meet our Safety Guidelines.
  • Engage in honest business practices.
  • Science-based beekeeping practices.
  • Comply with yearly audit to verify conformance to requirements.

Want to Learn More? Ready to Apply?

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