Protecting Pollinators

 Bonus Learning!

Planting for Pollinators

Visit the Haagan-dazs Honey Bee Haven’s website for resources to inspire the planting of bee and pollinator friendly gardens. 

Resources from the Haven!

Rutgers IR-4 Protecting Pollinators Project has a multitude of information for plant producers and the public alike.  Visit their site to find lists of pollinator plant recommendations by geographic area and what you can do to help out our pollinator population. 

Protecting Bees Research and Garden Guides

Regarding Pesticides

CAMBP official guidelines are always FOLLOW THE LABEL! It's that simple. Visit these links from the California Almond Board that are helpful in sharing how farmers using pesticides are working with beekeepers. 

Helping Honey Bees

Best Management Practices for Honey Bees in Almond Orchards

How to reduce bee poisoning from pesticides

Native Bees are Important Too

If you want to engage your audience in an activity, try building Bumble boxes or make nesting sites for Native Bees. 

Instructions and Information from UC Davis.