Queen Rearing Techniques Short Course

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A 2 day in-person short course, in which participants will be able to deepen their knowledge on queen biology and breeding programs, practice and hone their grafting skills, understand the basics of a cell starter and finisher system, explore combination methods and mating nuc uses, learn hygienic testing for varroa, and assess personal skill and competency in grafting on day 2 based on day 1 grafts. Participants can take their viable queen cells from the Bee Lab the following Friday. A single grafting bar can hold up to 15 cells. 


Class Objectives
  • Expand knowledge of honey bee queen biology
  • Explore the basics of selective honey bee breeding programs
  • Examine various queen rearing techniques
  • Experience grafting techniques
  • Assess Varroa mite levels through hygienic testing 
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Notices and Disclaimers
  • This is a 2 day short course.
  • Refreshments, snacks and lunch are provided on both days.
  • The E.L. Niño Bee Lab will provide all classroom, grafting and queen rearing supplies.
  • Participants please wear closed toe and heel footwear and bring your bee suit.

Eligibility Requirements

The QRTSC is a short course recommended for Journey level CAMBP participants.