Creating Gardens and Homes for Pollinators

Butterfly, bats, and native bee house
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Pollinators run the gamut from either being very general to being very picky about which plants they feed from. Selection of the plants for your pollinator garden will largely determine which pollinators will visit your garden. In this class you will learn how to select and plant the right plants to support pollinators in your garden or community. Building pollinator homes can be fun and highly beneficial for pollinators.

Class Objectives
  • Overview of plant and pollinator relationships
  • Readily accessible pesticide-free pollinator plants
  • Selecting plants for specific pollinator types
    • Bees
    • Native bees & bee houses
    • Honeybees & bee colonies
    • Birds
    • Butterflies & Moths
    • Bats & bat houses
  • Review of planning for a successful pollinator garden
  • How to plant a plant
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Honey Bee Ambassador
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