We are currently accepting applications for Apprentice Applications for the 2018 year.

The California Master Beekeeper Program uses science based information to educate stewards and ambassadors for honey bees and beekeeping.

California is a leader in the beekeeping industry which makes it imperative that a Master Beekeeper Program be available for beekeepers at all levels of experience. Beekeeping in California presents some unique challenges and this California-centric program will provide education to help support both beekeepers and honey bee health through most up-to-date, science-based educational offerings. This program will empower beekeepers to become an even more effective and knowledgeable honey bee ambassador. California Master Beekeepers will be at the forefront of beekeeping innovation allowing them to support the state’s agricultural needs, other beekeepers, and of course honey bees.

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Apprentice: Student investigates beekeeping with a mentor; maintains a state registered hive for at least a year; attends classes both in person and online and passes a final written and field exam. Exams will be held in September 2018. Learn more

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Journeyman: Begin to understand bee biology and serious beekeeping issues. Begin public outreach/service. Academic information includes: honey bee anatomy, bee behavior, pollination biology, pesticides, identify bee species including Africanized bees and honey judging. Passes a final written and field exam. Exams will be held in Spring 2019. Learn more

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