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Master Certification

Master Level Candidate Guidelines 

The Master Level of the California Master Beekeeper Program can take can take between 3 - 5 years from the initial Apprentice Assistant level designation to achieve. Some candidates may complete it sooner, others later, and some CAMBPrs choose to complete their training at the Apprentice and/or Journey levels. To maintain active Master level status in the program, members are required to perform 25 BEEs annually, and 12 hours of continuing education.

Eligibility: Applicants MUST complete the Apprentice and Journey levels of the CAMBP BEFORE applying to the Master Level. Members are invited to consider their topic for their Master Level Capstone from the date they pass their Journey exam and complete and record their Beneficial Education Experiences (BEEs) and Continuing Education credits (CEs).

How to begin the Master level process: 

  • Apply for Master Level of the CAMBP (link below).
  • Attend an interview with CAMBP staff to discuss your topic(s) of interest and get guidance on how to proceed.
  • Submit a proposal that outlines your topic, timeline, budget, project aim, objectives, and proposed methods and outcomes using one of our templates.
  • CAMBP staff provides evaluation and feedback and confirms project start date.
  • Candidates will have opportunities between March and October to seek support by email, phone and to meet over Zoom with CAMBP staff and other Master level CAMBPrs.
  • Annual Master Level Capstone presentations are scheduled for October unless otherwise arranged.
  • Project timelines are dependent upon the scope of work and will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • Proposals are reviewed in February, acceptances issued by March 1st, and project presentations take place in October.


The following tracks have been pre-approved for Master level projects: 

  • Native Bees and Pollinator Gardens 
  • Commercial Beekeeping 
  • Scientific Research 
  • Education and Outreach 
  • Policy for Honey Bees and Native Pollinators 

Please contact camasterbee@gmail.com to discuss ideas not on the list. It is important all candidates are passionate about their projects!

Value: The cost of completing your Master Level Capstone is $300.00 and includes the CAMBP staff’s time in mentoring, guiding and reviewing the candidate’s project through to the presentation. Support and feedback will occur over phone, email and Zoom. Master Level beekeepers receive a certificate of distinction, a Master pin, and can agree to be featured in the CAMBP Newsletter, Bug Squad, as well as the CAMBP Resources page (as long as they remain members in good standing). 

Presentation Styles: Master presentations will occur in or around October of each year, unless otherwise arranged, and can be done in person at the E L Niño Bee Lab in Davis, or over Zoom. The presentation style will depend on the topic. For example, candidates are expected to create a poster and write an article intended for publication in a trade magazine in the Research track. In the Commercial Beekeeping track, a comprehensive business plan is required. A more detailed discussion on presentation styles will occur upon project approval.

Timeline: The candidate will discern the time required to complete the project and commit to finishing in a timely manner. The CAMBP acknowledges extenuating circumstances may interfere with project timelines, and will address as needed.

Grading: Master level projects will be graded as ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’. Candidates are encouraged to work on their projects independently, unless the scope of the work requires a team.

Choose the Master Level track you are passionate about and let us know. We look forward to working with you! Email camasterbee@gmail.com with questions. 

Master Level Application for Journey Level CAMBPrs will open in November 2022