Amina Harris

Amina Harris

Position Title
Director, Honey and Pollination Center

Robert Mondavi Institute


Amina Harris is the Director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, UC Davis. In addition, Amina is the owner of Z Specialty Food, LLC with her husband and son. Moon Shine Trading Company, a division of Z Specialty, has been offering unique American varietal honeys for over thirty years winning national awards from the Specialty Food Association and the National Honey Board. The Honey and Pollination Center showcases the importance of both honey and pollination to the well-being of consumers through education and research through its vision: to help make UC Davis the world’s leading authority on honey bee health, pollination and honey quality. Projects of the Center include the development of a Honey Tasting and Aroma Wheel and creation of a Master Beekeeping Program. An inaugural Bee Symposium was held in the Spring, 2015 in order to help educate beekeepers, gardeners, and students in present day research.

CSBA 2019

California Master Beekeepers at State and National Beekeeper Conferences

The CAMBP has taken the 'show on the road'! The California Master Beekeeper Program, UC Davis and UCCE San Diego staff and volunteers together with San Diego County Apiary Inspectors, offered over 150 CSBA convention attendees to experience the immersive and interactive outreach and extension efforts our program provides throughout the state. Thank you California State Beekeepers Association for inviting us to showcase The CAMBP! 

CAMBPrs helping participants learn how to use the compound microscope
CAMBP volunteers assist participants in learning how to use a compound microscope and check for nosema 


AHPA Convention was held in Sacramento, January 8-11, 2020 and we were there too! Our dedicated CAMBP volunteers offered a sample of our Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Honey Bee and Pest and Disease ID classes. Our outreach goals were networking and making honey bee science accessible. MIssion accomplished! 

Future Entomologists
Future Entomologists experimenting with honey bee dissection