Become a CAMBP Member

Why certify?

Certification has many advantages. It identifies you as ‘trained’ which signifies credibility. It’s a confidence builder, as well as a doorway into a larger beekeeping network. Certification positions you as a mentor with experience, and it can help you become more efficient and effective as a beekeeper. As a certified California Master Beekeeper, you are a continuous learner, and an educated trainer with a broad understanding of honey bees and beekeeping.

The Apprentice Assistant level of the CAMBP is a great place to begin. Certification in the CAMBP starts at the Apprentice level.  

Benefits of membership:

  • Notification of upcoming online classes before they’re announced to the public
  • Première access to CAMBP webinars
  • Monthly Member Newsletter
  • Unlimited access to science-based webinars on bees and beekeeping
  • Educational tools for outreach (PowerPoints, “A Day in the CAMBP”, Pollinator Education Program for students and more)
  • Private CAMBP-members only Facebook group
  • Private and public facing “Find a Beekeeper” map – add yourself to the members-only map, profile your beekeeping skills and/or business within the CAMBP community and/or publicly 
  • Get the latest, most up-to-date research on honey bees and beekeeping
  • Access to free, in-hive CAMBP field days (where available)
  • Access to CAMBP staff via email and Facebook
  • Annual “Town Hall” meeting on the state of the program

Membership Requirements:

To maintain active status in the CAMBP members:

  • Abide by the Principles of Community
  • Complete and record volunteer hours (number of Beneficial Educational Experiences (BEEs) hours are dependent on program level), and perform 12 continuing education (CEs) hours annually.

CAMBP members work together in a spirit of cooperation and commitment to grow and expand their beekeeping knowledge and skills, as well as the education and outreach to the public through volunteer service. The health of the CAMBP is dependent on your participation. Be like a honey bee; pollinate the minds of many with science-based information on bees and beekeeping.